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SunnyAureus Goldens began with a love for animals. Our particular interest in Golden Retrievers came when my father fell ill and needed a service dog, the hospital recommended we get him a Golden Retriever. “Maggie” the Golden was an absolute blessing to my father, and shortly after marrying my husband Mike we decided to get a Golden of our own. Seymour (Am CH Scotts 24K Aureus 79) finally came to us in January 2011 from a reputable breeder. Like both his parents he went on to earn an AKC Championship in conformation to become our first ever Champion. Although we love having him shown in the ring, Seymour will always be first and foremost a member of our family and constant companion.

At Aureus Goldens we strive to produce structurally sound, intelligent, healthy dogs who are true to the American Kennel Club breed standard. Our selective breeding program only allows those dogs who have passed all four health clearance (hips, eyes, heart, elbows) certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) to be bred . In addition to possessing all four health clearances every dog bred will have earned a title(s) in confirmation, field, or obedience.

We are located in the South Bay region of Los Angeles, California and are proud members of Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles (GRCGLA) and its parent club Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA).

Mike & Valerie
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